Hargram is one of the leading precision machining specialists in South Africacnc

Started in 1951 by MM Hargreave and Amm, the company has remained 100% family owned. Hargram has over sixty years of experience in the field of precision machining and is rated one of the top specialists in the country.
Hargram’s advanced technical capability enables it to manufacture complex components with consistent quality and fine finish, whilst adhering strictly to delivery commitments.
A well equipped machine shop is spearheaded by the latest CNC turning centres such as those illustrated in this website.


Our Mission Statement

1. The job MUST be right
Our quality control and process control procedures are based on equivalent international standards. Our personnel are qualified, trained and experienced. Their motivation is: “Get it right the first time!”

2. Deliver on time
Careful planning enables us to commit ourselves to realistic delivery dates and meet them - every time!

3. Value for money
Given the excellence of our quality, our investment in state-of-the-art machinery and inspection equipment, our customers enjoy real value for high quality precision engineering.


A modern, well equipped machine shop allows Hargram to handle almost any machining operation.
Hargram has a heavy investment in both skilled personnel and plant, including modern CNC machines.
A planned maintenance and renewal programme keeps the machinery running efficiently and the plant up to date with modern techniques and equipment. Particular emphasis is placed on gauging and measuring equipment.
Staff turnover is low, and productivity high. Many staff members have long service achievements, some in excess of twenty years. All receive training appropriate to their functions in the company.
Uncompromisingly high quality standards distinguish Hargram.
machinesThe company recognises that there is no substitute for top quality and every department and process is constituted to ensure that only the highest quality standards are applied. Modern methods and state of the art gauging and testing equipment are used extensively at every stage of process.
A computerised statistical process control system is in operation and used to monitor every production step when required. This ensures improved quality and productivity, efficient machining procedures and reduced reject rate
Meticulous planning enables the company to set realistic delivery dates and meet them.
Organisation and planning are important disciplines at Hargram. Every job is planned in detail and built into the overall production schedule. This enables the company to set realistic delivery dates and, by constant monitoring, achieve them